Dems Lab born as internal laboratory of Demus S.p.A (Joint-stock Company)for exigency of head office to have experts and professionals who are always on hand and who guarantee the product and process' excellence.

As time goes by, the demand to own a Research and Development section with professionals, whom are employed in obtaining optimum conditions during the whole production, presents for the increasing activities of Demus and the need to keep up with the times. For this reason it gave space to professional training courses and vocational qualifications, now so perfect and high, that they become a separate entity able to attend to third party. So in 2005 Demus Lab was founded.
Thanks to this whole and qualified organizational structure, Demus Lab initiates important collaborations and interchanges, also in the European outline, for example with SCA (Speciality Coffe Association), Association which has at its disposal the staff of Demus Lab the workshops that take place during fairs or other events.
Well, Demus Lab is a know how that makes itself a prestigious partner and represents a landmark in quality for its research  and chemical and physical analysis laboratory.