What we do

Demus Lab collaborates with external laboratories and other structures, also with the universities, for its research activities about coffee.

Particularly, Demus Lab is busied with:
  • Chemical and physical analysis about coffee (also decaffeinated), its derivatives and byproducts;
  • Advisory service, for example about coffee's blends characteristics;
  • Training courses;
  • Continuous research and development activities, for example to obtain optimum conditions in the decaffeinated coffee productions;

The analysis about green and roasted coffee are concerned about the basic scale control to guarantee the product quality according to the foodstuffs' norms in force.
To carry out these activities, Demus Lab makes use of various and specific instruments.

The company makes also use of the collaboration with experts in the field of activity to secure wide training courses outline for different professionals in the coffee field, as well as for the end-customer.
Demus Lab  provides its consultants for on the spot inspections: this allows to solve some problems about the production's quality-control and about the products, as well as to obtain optimum conditions in roasting process.