Advisory service

Demus Lab's advisors give their help to face and solve the problems about the quality control of productive process and products and about the optimum conditions of roasting process.

The advisory activity can take place on the premises, at customer's office, or through the mailing of coffee's sampler to analyze it at our seat. We take the decision according to our customers, based on the advisory service's complexity that they asked for.

The main activities of Demus Lab are:
  • advisory service about Coffee Quality Control Laboratory's structure and about the right procedure to check the raw materials and the end product;
  • advisory service about new blends composition;
  • validity of new blends, which should be on trade (for example advisory service about possible taste problems);
  • Coffee roasting process evaluation: procedure and curve line of roasting analysis;
  • advisory service about coffee packing;
  • advisory service about roasted coffee degas, about grinding and packing, about coffee pod and cartridge production for Espresso.